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Portugal Travel Guide


About Portugal

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain lies the captivating nation of Portugal. As one of the most affordable countries in Western Europe, Portugal is rapidly gaining recognition as an outstanding tourist spot, appealing to both city lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Even though Portugal radiates elegance akin to other Western European nations, it also serves as a hub for adventure. Renowned for its rugged coastline and tropical islands, Portugal calls out to adventure enthusiasts worldwide. I have personally experienced Portugal’s vibrant spirit during life-altering journeys through the country on multiple occasions.

Portugal is an exceptional destination for outdoor activities, encompassing hiking, cycling, rafting, and canopying. Additionally, its coastline provides fantastic conditions for water sports like surfing, snorkeling, and kitesurfing. This page will feature all my posts regarding what to do and see in Portugal, including my adventures in the national parks, hiking, and cycling along the coast!

the perfect 10 day itinerary from lisbon to porto

Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain sits the enchanting country of Portugal. As one of the cheaper countries in Western Europe, Portugal is quickly climbing the ropes to become one of the most remarkable tourist destinations for both city dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts. And the best way to experience the best of both those worlds is by embarking on a 10-day road trip from Lisbon to Porto!